Thursday, 9 June 2011

Slum children who wants to do more!

This morning I went with Mark and Dennis from Stephens office to the Asha Deep Foundation.

It is a foundation that is trying to help the children in the area to get a future, they also help rag picking children to get an education and taking care of girls and boys who's parents are dead and are left on the street alone.
There are 40 girls and 40 boys living there at the moment. I meet all the girls and they are lovely,they are happy, they sang songs, danced for us and had a good conversation in English.
It is a school and at the moment it's holiday so most children are home with their families, but the children who doesn't have a family to go home to stays there.
In the school they learn how to speak English,cooking, math and normal subjects. They can also choose to learn a profession like tailor making or beautician.
We also went to the slum and saw how the children lived with their families and what conditions the children are playing around all day.

This is the girls with Mark and Dennis.

                                              These are all children living in sheds in the slum.

                                                 Young children playing with their toys, bricks!
                                                   In the school, one girl learning to sew.
                                                    Others learn about make-up and hair.
                                  These women are making nails while their children are running around their feet.

To sponsor a child through this organization only cost 30000 rupees, £500 or 5000 Kronor a year.
                                     A small price to help a child change her/his life around.

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